Frequently Asked Questions


Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about MagPress.

What kind of files can I create?

With MagPress, you can create PDF, ePub and .Mobi files. This makes your eBook readable on pretty much every screens, tablets and phones.

Are there any limitations to this plugin?

Unfortunately yes, there are. The size of the PDFs you can create depends on the capabilities of your server. However, if you can not create your eBook due to memory limits, you can ask for a refund during the 7 days following your purchase.

Can I use it on WordPress multisites?

Yes, but no! You can install it on a multisite installation of WordPress, but it will only be usable on the main blog.

If you really need this plugin to be multisite friendly, we plan to add that capability in a coming update.

How do I customize the eBook page in WordPress?

We have a tutorial for that, but you’ll need to know how to modify WordPress themes.