Finding articles in your blog to create an eBook can be a daunting task if you are using conventional office software like Word. The MagPress plugin for WordPress makes sorting articles, editing it and publishing it in all popular eBook formats very easy.

Fribourg, Switzerland, 1st of June 2013

WordPress is by very far the most used blogging platform out there. In fact it has become much more than just a blogging engine, powering over 75 millions websites, roughly 25% of the websites run on the entire Internet.

With the launch of the iPad in 2010, quickly followed by many competing tablets, new habits rose among Internet users. Digital books became more and more popular and even surpassed hardcover books in terms of sales on Amazon.

A designer and web developer from Switzerland, Mirko Humbert, noticed that, despite the huge popularity of eBooks, it was still hard to publish eBooks due to a lack of simple tools. Being a long time user of WordPress, he immediately thought of taking advantage of the platform’s great flexibility to make eBooks creation a snap. For that purpose a plugin was the most appropriate solution.

MagPress is the product of these thoughts. Through a simple interface that blends in the WordPress admin, users can create an eBook in under five minutes if they have already written the content of their blog. There are several elegant and customizable templates to chose from, and the eBooks can be published in several formats: PDF, ePub and .Mobi.

MagPress is a powerful publishing tool that promises to be used for creating many eBooks.


Mirko Humbert
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