So you have decided to write an eBook and found a great topic to write about, but which format will you chose to cover the topic? This post gives you insights on what types of eBooks are more popular.

1. How-to eBooks

People love when you help them solve their problems. No matter what the subject, eBooks that solve your readers in a how-to or tutorial format will be downloaded or bought much more than others.

For example, if you maintain a gardening blog, you can write an eBook about how to trim a certain type of plants. Anything that people try to do will bring them some problems, so it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with an idea for a how-to eBook.


2. White papers

Often used for more professional purposes such as technical or programming industries, white papers are authoritative reports that help to understand an issue.

If your audience is full of professionals that match the topic of your blog, a white paper is the way to go to be seen as an expert and become an authoritative figure in your field.


3. Manifestos

Manifestos are about sharing a culture, ideals and goals. It is often used to publish strong opinions and giving a line of conduct.

If you have strong ideals that you want to share, a manifesto is the way to go.


4. Guides

A bit like how-to eBookss, guides help you to understand things but cover topics more in-depth. It is a great way to introduce a topic related to your blog or website.


5. Free eBooks

Everybody likes free things, eBooks are no exceptions. Writing an eBook can help you to promote your site by driving traffic to it. You can also use a free eBook to encourage visitors to subscribe to your blog.