Writing an eBook looks like a lot of work, so why should you spend so much time writing one? What will you get out of it? On this post we will try to take a look at the good reasons for writing an eBook.

1. Establish your authority

People know instinctively how hard it is to write an eBook, they will quickly respect you only for writing it. Once they read it and find out you know your topic, they will see you as an authority on the topic, which can result in them recommending your website or even hiring you.

2. Promotion

It can be great to have eBooks for your own promotion. A common strategy is to offer an eBook for free, but to ask to your visitors to subscribe to be able to download it. This is a great way to increase your number of subscribers that will receive your updates.

3. Expanding your thoughts

Writing articles is good and lets you express your thoughts pretty good. However, an eBook gives you much more space to expand your thoughts and write longer and more accurate content.

4. To make money

If you are confident with your eBook, it can be a good idea to sell it. Some people are ready to spend decent money if your eBook solves some of their problems.

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