How to display the right author name on the PDF

To control the author name displayed on the PDF cover, here is how to do it. In your WordPress admin, go to Users > Your Profile, under Display name publicly as, chose the name you’d like to use.

How to remove the date from the PDF cover

Deleting the date from your PDF is quite easy if you know how to edit PHP files. Before you start, make sure you backup the file you are going to edit. First, you need to find the template you are going to use. For that, go to your MagPress plugin folder, then in the templates […]

How to add a cover image in MagPress

Including a cover image in MagPress is very easy, here is how to do it. In eBook creation > Chose your template Click on the “Upload an image” button WordPress’ image uploader appears, upload your image like you would normally do in WordPress. Once your image is uploaded, select it and make sure that the […]

Why should you write an eBook for your blog?

Writing an eBook looks like a lot of work, so why should you spend so much time writing one? What will you get out of it? On this post we will try to take a look at the good reasons for writing an eBook. 1. Establish your authority People know instinctively how hard it is […]

10 great websites to find free eBooks

On MagPress with provide you with the tool to create your eBook, but writing your own eBook shouldn’t stop you from keep on reading. The good news is that you can now a lot of reading for free, thanks to digital tablets, public domain and other free eBooks. In this post we take a look […]

5 types of eBooks that are very popular

So you have decided to write an eBook and found a great topic to write about, but which format will you chose to cover the topic? This post gives you insights on what types of eBooks are more popular. 1. How-to eBooks People love when you help them solve their problems. No matter what the […]

MagPress: a WordPress plugin to create eBooks from your blog (Press Release)

Finding articles in your blog to create an eBook can be a daunting task if you are using conventional office software like Word. The MagPress plugin for WordPress makes sorting articles, editing it and publishing it in all popular eBook formats very easy. Fribourg, Switzerland, 1st of June 2013 WordPress is by very far the […]

How to install MagPress

This page walks you through the installation of the MagPress plugin. If you are familiar with WordPress plugin installation, it is installed the same way as most regular plugins. 1. Unzip Unzip the downloaded zip file on your computer. If you don’t have the software to do this, you can try 7-Zip (Windows), Ez7z (Mac) […]