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MagPress is a WordPress plugin designed to make eBooks creation very easy for blog authors. It allows you to concentrate on writing, not laying out texts.
slick ui

Easy to use

With an interface tightly integrated to the WordPress UI, MagPress is very intuitive and easy to use.
ebook formats

Multiple formats

Publish your eBooks in PDF, ePub and .Mobi formats to distribute it more widely.


Over 10 PDF templates to choose from, each of these templates is customizable.
sorting articles

Simple sorting

Sort your articles in seconds to get your PDF in order.
sorting articles

Font choice

MagPress comes with 30 fonts to choose from to customize your texts and titles.
link index

Link index

Add a link index to your eBook in one click.
template selection

Template selection, chose and customize your template.

content selection

Content selection, filter your blog's articles and chose the ones you want to publish.

content edition

Content edition, edit your articles and customize the layout of each article.

content edition

Preview your PDF, create other eBook formats and re-edit the eBook if you are not satisfied.

content edition

Publish your eBook as a custom post.

Some examples of MagPress in action.
magpress settings screenshot
Domaine Public
A weekly magazine that publishes downloadable PDFs with its articles.

Video demonstration of MagPress' functionalities. This walks you through the creation of a PDF from WordPress articles in 5 minutes.